Wednesday, November 24, 2010


I dread sunset.  I watch the seconds on the clock tick closer to my nightmare.  I rock, shush, swaddle, pat, bounce, try to feed, change her...nothing stops it.  We start the cycle again.  I rock, shush, change, pat, give her gripe water, bounce, swaddle her.  She finally quiets.  Then she makes a face and it begins again.  Jesse takes over and I sit in the bathroom and cry.  I'm helpless.  I take back over and we do the cycles over and over again.  Finally she passes out and we're done for the evening.  In the morning she'll wake up smiling and cooing.  It's our happiest time with her. Then sun sets and our cycles start again.

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Abra said...

oh dear. it is so tough. hang in there. you are doing awesome!