Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Perfect Day

Over the past three days Jesse and I celebrated our tenth anniversary, Olivia started potty training and Emily is sleeping in her room (I'm in there with her).  Whew, we've been busy.  Lately life feels busy.  From the moment my feet hit the ground in the morning my day is nonstop.  At night as I reflect on my day I realize that even though I spent the day changing diapers and having pretend picnics, I've had a productive day.  I have two played out and peacefully sleeping girls, a happy hubby and a semi-clean house (I hope the Christmas elves finish putting lights on the tree).  It's been a perfect day.
Today Olivia is 20 months and Emily is 8 weeks.   I don't want to forget these precious moments.

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Abra said...

congrats on 10 years! and potty training? wow, good for you! audrey is 25 months and i haven't even started yet. although she does ask to use the potty at least once a day (nothing actually goes in yet). i told myself i would start potty training in january. let me know how it is going with olivia and if you have any pointers. we put naomi in her crib at 3 weeks b/c i'm such a light sleeper that i wasn't getting ANY sleep listening to her every move. since the day we put her in the crib she started sleeping longer and now is sleeping great. audrey, on the other hand wasn't the best sleeper, so i'm very thankful that naomi is. anyway, having a picnic a day is very productive. you are a great mama!