Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Project 52: Date 17-18

Project 52: Date Nights logo
Jesse and I have still been having our weekly dates but we've broken two of the Project 52 rules.  Our last two dates have been the same thing and Emily was part of our dates. We've been so tired lately that we've only been able to mustered up the energy to watch Thursday night tv.  We watch The Big Bang Theory, The Office and Destination Truth.  I adore Josh Gates.  I think he is hilarious.  Unfortunately since Emily has colic our dates have been long and stressful.  We each take turns trying to calm her down and end up pausing the tv more than watching it.  But we still push on and keep trying to have a date each week.  This week we'll try it again.


chereemoore said...

I love Big Bang Theory! I am married to an engineer and know a lot of guys that fit those stereotypes which makes it even funnier!

christy said...

The point is to stay in the habit of dating. Spending time together as a couple whether it's doing something just the two of your or working around the house together is a great date - you're together.