Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Back to Work

 I went back to work Monday.  I know it’s sad.  I actually started back a week early so I could get some holiday pay.  So instead of doing Christmas crafts with Olivia, I’m in my office trying to catch up on paperwork.  But I had 11 wonderful weeks at home with my girls.  Well more like nine.  Two of those weeks I was recovering from surgery, so they weren't that great. 

The best part of coming back to work is that it’s only for eight days (yay for holidays).  I came back to work with a two week notice in hand.  I’m happy to announce that I’m starting a new job as full time stay at home wife and mother.  The hours are long and I don’t get paid but there is nothing else I’d rather do.  It’s a bittersweet goodbye because I truly love my job (I’m a Service Coordinator for Early Intervention).  I’ve been here since we moved to PA almost five years ago.  I work with an amazing team.  There are only four of us and we’ve been together for four years.  I’m going to miss talking and laughing with them everyday.  But even though I love my job, my heart belongs at home.  I want to spend my days snuggling, doing laundry, playing babies, dancing and doing crafts. 

Since I’m working the girls are going to their sitter.  Amy is so wonderful with the girls but they’re not adjusting very well. Olivia is having separation anxiety again and Emily hates leaving the house in the morning.  Thankfully I only have five (long) days left. 
Poor Emily doesn't like the early morning ride to Amy's house

I'm very excited about what this new year has in store for us.  I'm so thankful and grateful that Jesse is giving me the opportunity to stay home.  Becoming a one income family is challenging but we know it's worth it.  

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Carrie said...

Congrats at becoming a "SAHM"! You will love it; it does have it's challenges, but the rewards are plenty. You just might not get to see the rewards for 18 years or so. ;-) Those 5 last work days will fly by!