Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Merry {sick} Christmas

Christmas Eve morning both girls woke up with runny noses.  Thankfully we had a low key family day.  Olivia decorated cookies for Santa.
After a lot of self control she finally ate an M&M and her lips turned blue. 
That afternoon we went to Jesse's parents for dinner.  This year we opened up our gifts first so the kids would  be busy with their toys while dinner finished cooking.  
Olivia got a tea set.  I'm very excited about our upcoming tea parties.
I love Christmas Eve dinner.  My MIL makes out of this world gumbo.  We also have crab cakes, clam balls and shrimp the size of your fists.  Yum!!  
When we got home the girls went to bed and Santa got to work.  It took him two hours to put the kitchen together. Poor thing.
Thankfully he had some cookies to nibble on.
Before we went to bed we realized that Olivia felt a little warmer than usual so we woke her up and took her .  temperature. It was 101! Jesse and I took turns checking on Liv during the night.  Around 4:30 am she developed a croup like cough and her fever was 102.5  We brought her out in the living room to cool her down and she discovered Christmas.  She slowly checked out all of her toys.  It took her two days to open all her gifts.  Poor thing wasn't that interested in new toys.  
I also came down with the stomach flu Christmas day so we missed Christmas dinner. I spent most of the day snuggling on the couch with the girls. Not exactly what we envisioned for Christmas, but it was great to have some extra snuggle time.  
Thankfully Emily's stuffy nose never developed into anything more and Olivia's fever broke around 11:00 pm Christmas day.  Now Jesse is sick... 

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