Friday, December 10, 2010

Ten on Ten: December 2010

Ten on Ten: Take a picture every hour for ten consecutive hours on the tenth day of the month.
Sitting in a bin watching cartoons
Floor time
Admiring the Christmas ornaments 
Watching it snow
Addressing Christmas cards during nap time 
Playing in the snow
Chilllaxing in the warm house
Helping wash dishes 
Disclosure: There is at least a four hour break in taking pictures.  Emily had a complete meltdown and cried for two hours.  Then Olivia did everything (bad) she could so she could get some attention.  Poor Jesse came home to a house that was a complete wreck and screaming children.  It took us another hour or so (it's all a blur) to calm Emily down. So no pictures.  Those aren't moments I want to remember in pictures.   

Christmas pictures came in today
Wrapping presents 


Lisa said...

Helping with the dishes is quite the pastime at our house too. I hope she stayed dry!

Sarah said...

Love your collection! Its very festive! Your kids are adorable! :) Looks like a great day

Alita said...

I adore your set. It looks like such a lovely day (tantrums included) :))

Carrie said...

Look at your little sweeties! So sorry about the meltdowns, but the rest looks wonderful. As for washing dishes, I had not thought to try that... Noodle will LOVE it! That's on the list for tomorrow now! ;-)