Friday, January 7, 2011

{happy} Friday

Today was a great day.  Nothing special happened it was just a happy Friday.
We woke up to snow.  It was only an inch but it still made me happy.  I was even happier that I didn't have to drive in it.  Yipee!
Olivia helped me wake up Emily.  She's standing on a laundry basket she got from the hallway.  
Emily was in a very good mood today.  So I took a million some three month pictures of her.  
I love her pose.  The glare at the top is from the window.  The snow made it extra sunny today.  
And not to leave Olivia out.  
She's such a ham.  Every time she sees a camera she says "cheese". 
The girls hadn't seen Jesse since Wednesday because he worked a 16+ hour day yesterday and was gone again around 6:15 am this morning.  So they got some extra snuggle time this evening.  This picture would be priceless if Liv wasn't picking her nose.  Actually I guess it priceless because I laugh every time I see it.   

I hope you had a happy Friday too.  


Sabi said...

let me rephrase my last comment... You have two cute little girls! :)

Sarah said...

So sweet. Happy 3 months.