Saturday, January 22, 2011

Project 365 {day 15-21}

Day 15- Don't take a hungry toddler to the grocery store unless you're willing to let her eat goldfish out of the bag.
Day 16- Olivia put her tutu on herself.
Day 17-Sorry if this is gross but this is what Emily looked like all day.  Between spit ups and blow outs she wore five different outfits this day.  Spit up or not, I think she's super cute! 
Day 18-Olivia thought Emily's outfit needed an accessory so she put a bracelet on her wrist. 
  Day 19-Olivia discovered that she can open her dresser drawers. Ugh
Day 20-Tummy time
Day 21- Super cool shades
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Sarah said...

Great photos. Love the last one. Looks like a fun week.

Our Beaten Path said...

How well I know about letting the child eat out of the bag at the store, lol. Great photos!

Actuary Mom said...

I love the photo with the spit up, real life and beautiful! Thankfully our grocery store gives kids free cookies, so usually we just give him the free sugar. :)

TempestBeauty said...

Teehee! EVERY shopping trip with my toddler entails choosing what snack he will eat, and being sure my trip doesn't last longer than the snack!

Your BEST shot is Emily on the floor! Her eyes are GORGEOUS, and the colors are perfect :D I love how sweet Olivia had to give her sister an accessory.

Keep it up!

Stopping by from Project 365!

~Mandy @

deb duty said...

Looks like a fun week. Your girls are so cute!Love her little steelers top.

Sarah said...

Such a fun looking week! My daughter would eat goldfish nonstop if I let her! :) Love your sunglasses shot

Kimberly said...

Great pics! Love the tutu! Go Steelers!

Gretchen said...

Fun pictures! I like the mess on the floor... always good to see I'm not alone!! =P

Lisa said...

Ha, I know what it is like to have pictures of kids with spit-up. My daughter was constantly covered in spit-up as a baby. I love day 18, so sweet.

Carla S said...

ha ha ha ha ha ha. My kids pull stuff out of drawers all the time!