Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Joy of Love {7-13}

I'm a bit behind on my Joy of Love pictures.
day 7 {generations}Emily's wearing a sweater her great grandmother crocheted.
day 8 {gift from the heart}Jesse got me a Kindle for Christmas.  He knows how many hours I spent rocking our little ones to sleep.  It makes reading one-handed much easier.
day 9 {passions and hobbies}Emily's passion is chewing her fingers.

day 10 {space where they are comfortable} Emily loves napping in her swing.
day 11: dreams
day 12 {the eyes}You can barely see Olivia's scar from her stitches.
day 13 {routines} Every morning Olivia has a Fresh Beat dance party.


Abra said...

that sweater is so sweet. and i love that picture of olivia sleeping, she is too sweet. every morning audrey has to watch an episode of dora, i've never heard of the fresh beat dance. :)

Sarah said...

Great photos. Dustyn just started watching that show. ha ha.