Wednesday, February 2, 2011

{no} Shadow

Yay for an early spring. Today we celebrated Groundhog Day with groundhog cupcakes.  Yum!  Jesse thought it was a mouse.
Today's Joy of Love assignment is "how they look".  Olivia didn't take a nap today and this is how she looked two hours past her usual nap time.  Five minutes after I took this shot she passed out right there on the floor.  I'm really enjoying taking pictures everyday.  Today I took 64! Unfortunately half of them are blurry because neither of my kids stop moving.
After dinner tonight Olivia decided to do some cooking too.  She's using a koozie as an oven mitt.  Man, I love her!
Of course I can't leave out sweet Emily.  This is her third outfit of the day.  Since she's growing out of her three month clothes I don't mind her wearing so many outfits.  It'll be the last time they're worn by my girls.  I get so sad when we move to a larger size.  

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Sarah said...

He he. Love your ground hog cupcake.