Monday, February 7, 2011

Tot School {22 months}

Jesse and I have been concerned with Olivia's speech for sometime now.  In December she barely used 10 words consistently.  She would identify objects but never name them.   Now she uses well over 50 words.  She's putting words together and spontaneously names things.  Everyday she says two-three new words.  I'm truly amazed at how much she's thrived since I quit my job.
Since Olivia is so eager to learn we've started Tot School. Last week was a very easy and light week. We learned the color blue.  Olivia wore blue outfits almost everyday (I didn't know she has so much blue).

We played in the snow.  Emily typically wakes up as soon as we get outside so I brought the snow inside.  Olivia adored it.  She scooped it and painted it.  She also took a couple of bites when I wasn't looking.
We also made blue gak.  Olivia was very unsure of the texture at first but now loves to play with it.
I bought Olivia a sticker book a couple of weeks ago and she absolutely loves it.  She loves names and matches the stickers.  We do it everyday. 
We also started working on decorating Valentines.  
Another thing we play with everyday is her bears.  She loves to sort, pour and dump them.  
Olivia also loves to string ziti on pipe cleaner.  
But out of all the things we did this week Olivia's absolute favorite was playing in rice.  She loved feeling it, both with her hands and feet.  I was surprised how long she played in it.  And how much of a mess she made.  
We both had a lot of fun this week.  I love watching Olivia experience new things.  

While we're at it I "enrolled" Emily in Baby school.  She is getting much better at tummy time and she discovered her feet this week.  Emily is also grabbing everything and most times she won't let go.  We also heard her first laugh.  I was singing to her and I guess she thought it was funny.  Silly girl.  
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Sarah said...

How fun. Great photos.

Elle Belles Bows said...

Great week! Isn't it amazing how quickly they start picking up more and more words! Kerri

Christie - Childhood 101 said...

Such fun, I wish we could play in snow - it never gets cold enough where we are :( I use a big tablecloth to put our rice play tub down on, it makes it easier to contain the mess.