Saturday, March 5, 2011

Five {months}

Sweet little Emily,

You're five months old today! I can't believe how big you're getting. You've done so much this past month. You laugh, squeal and you're always blowing raspberries. You've become very aware of your surroundings and protest if we leave the room. A few times you've rolled onto your back and tummy, but nothing consistent. You are totally and completely in love with your feet. They are either in your mouth or in your hand. You can sit unassisted for about 45 seconds before you start to topple over. You're always grabbing things and have knocked over a couple of water glasses.

You sleep unswaddled now. Yay! Some nights you'll sleep eight hours straight. Other nights you're up every three hours. Usually you only need a shush and pat and you fall back asleep, but only if it's Mommy. You refuse to go back to sleep for Daddy.

At Dr. H's urging you're now eating solids and you love it. You eat dinner with us every night. You love oatmeal and sweet potatoes. Surprisingly, eating solids has increased your appetite for milk. Now you'll drink anywhere from 4-6 oz every three hours. You're drooling all the time. It's like turning on a water faucet. I have to keep a bib on you so your clothes stay dry. When you're not chewing on your feet, you're chewing on your hands. We think you might cut a tooth soon.

You adore Olivia. She can always get a big smile out of you. You are so patient with her even though she loves to wake you up from your nap and hang all over you. You also adore your Daddy. You're always so happy to see him when he comes home from work.

You have been such a blessing to us. You have completed our family. We love you so much! Happy five months our sweet little pumpkin!


Mama Feather said...

She's getting so big & doing so many new things!!

Sarah said...

Aww! So adorable!