Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Monday while I was out shopping with my mom and Olivia, I lost my wallet. Thankfully I realized it was gone within twenty minutes and Jesse was able to cancel my credit cards before they were used. Today I spent the day getting a new drivers license, filing a police report, changing our insurance policy numbers and putting myself on fraud alert. All because of a moment of forgetfulness. Not only are we worried about my identity being stolen but the girls as well since I had their insurance cards in my wallet. 
I started getting forgetful and absent minded when I was preggo with Olivia but since Emily was born I've...I don't know. I'm so disorganized. I misplace everything. I'm always forgetting things. I feel overwhelmed by my mommy brain. I know that Jesse does. I know that it drives him crazy that I can't get my act together. It drives me crazy too and Monday just made it worse.  I'm hoping that this is just a phase and that one day I'll get my act together...I hope.
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Abra said...

don't feel so bad. i locked my keys in our van while i was at church on sunday, carseats in tow and all. andrew was at home with the girls. and i was suppose to go pick them up. and we only have ONE key. let's just say, i'm thankful that my dad has AAA and there are locksmiths available on sunday.

Kimberlee said...

Oh, so sorry. Nothing worse than a lost wallet. I've never lost my wallet {probably because my bags so big it would be impossible to misplace}, but I have locked the keys in the car. Multiple times. And lose my keys on a daily basis.

Elle Belles Bows said...

Ugh sorry that happened! I know that you mean about being forgetful. Happy thoughts that no one will steal any identities!


Sabi said...

Oh, I've been there (loosing the wallet) and I'm also as forgetfull as they come, I don't even know how I'll survive the preggo brain :S I understand you completely! The one thing that usually works for me is making lists of everything (but sometimes I forget to do them aswell) and keeping up with the items I've written down. I'm not talking about shopping lists or so, but lists of everything that I must do in one day or a list of everything I have to have with me when I leave the house (this one I hanged on the door)... :) it's crazy, but it works!