Thursday, May 5, 2011

The gall of my {bladder}

Remember when I was pregnant with Emily and diagnosed with severe indigestion and had a repeat attack. Well after Emily was born I continued to have attacks once a month. But after lots of Tums the pain would go away. The attacks were painful but manageable.

Then on Friday I had an attack, Saturday I had two attacks and Sunday night around 11:00 pm I had another attack. But this time the pain never stopped. Nothing I did made the pain stop and I couldn't keep any fluids down so Monday I went to the ER. After some blood work and an ultrasound I was admitted with pancreatitis and gall stones. The GI doctor thought I had a gall stone in my pancreas. I was also severely dehydrated. After lots of fluids and great pain meds I was finally able to sit and breathe.

Because my pancreas and gallbladder were so inflamed I had to wait until Wednesday before the doctors could do anything. I also wasn't allowed to have anything to eat or drink. Thankfully I had visitors to keep me sane.

6:00 am Wednesday morning I {and Jesse} was taken to pre-op. At 7:00 am I had an ERCP {they put a scope down my throat} to see if I had any gall stones in my pancreas. The doctor didn't find anything but cleaned out my pancreas just in case {we think it passed on it's own}. After a quick time in recovery I had my gallbladder removed at 10:00 am. My doctor told me my gallbladder was very diseased and inflamed. Thankfully my recovery went very well. I was able to keep food and liquids down so I was discharged Thursday morning.

While I was in the hospital Jesse's grandmother moved in and helped him take care of the girls {my in-laws are in Cancun}. She was such a blessing to us and the girls loved being spoilt. I'm also so thankful for my friends. They visited me, ran errands for us and are bringing us meals.

I'm very blessed girl {without a gallbladder}.

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Kristen said...

Bless you Angee. You sound exactly like me. Except I had my gall bladder out first and then the endoscopy where I did have stones and had to have a stent.

I had it while pregnant too. My doctor kept telling me it was muscle spasms... Um no!

Praying for a quick recovery!