Thursday, June 30, 2011

SC trip {part one}

The girls and I flew to SC to visit family. We stayed in three different houses, in three different parts of the state in 10 days. We had a great time but it was a lot of traveling.

Both girls did great on the plane. I think it helped that I had enough snacks to feed the entire plane. An hour into the flight Olivia informed me that she was done flying. I hated to tell her we still had another 30 minutes. After some sweet talk, a princess sticker book and of course more snacks she was ready to keep flying.
My sister {and her adorable baby bump} picked us up from the airport. It was family night at the Children's Museum so we took the girls after dinner. The girls had a blast and it was a great way to run of their extra energy. Olivia kept kissing the other kids {we're working on boundaries}. 

sleep {issues}

Olivia finally passed out on the couch. Don't you love her nonmatching pj choice.
We're having sleep issues with Olivia again. Poor thing has always been a horrible sleeper. The issues started before we went on vacation and are getting worse everyday.  Now she refuses to sleep in her room and insists on sleeping with Mama. Sweet isn't? Well it would be if she went to sleep. Every night Jesse and I spend two-three hours trying to get her to relax and go to sleep. The later it gets the more exhausted and inconsolable Olivia becomes. Lately she hasn't gone to bed until 11 pm. It's a big change from her usual 8 pm. Since Olivia's not getting enough sleep at night she's grumpy and difficult during the day. I know, good times.

I've started reading "The No-Cry Solution for Toddlers and Preschoolers" and really hope it has some techniques that will help us. This Mama {and Papa} are exhausted, both emotionally and physically.

Do you have any problem sleepers?

Monday, June 27, 2011

Cake {in a jar}

I found Babble and their cakes in a jar a couple of weeks ago and fell in love. It's perfect for entertaining. I love baking cakes but suck at decorating them. Plus transportation is always an issue. Putting cake in a jar... brilliant. Who cares if the cake is lopsided or the frosting is uneven.
Since the 4th is around the corner, I decided to make red, white and blue cake jars. It was so easy to make.
Just a quick tip, make sure you pay attention to cap of the food color bottle. I didn't and made yellow cake batter.  Oops. I had to use my entire bottle of red to get rid of the orange hue. Also I little bit of icing goes a long way.  Jesse requested that next time the jars either have more cake or less icing. Done.

I can't wait to try out different cake jars. Have you ever tried cake in a jar?

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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Project 365 {169-175}

day 169: Four generations
day 170: Helping organize Baby Rylee's closet.
day 171: Our toes in the sand
day 172: Melts this Mama's heart
day 173: We stopped at a roadside vegetable stand for some boiled peanuts and saw this sign. Ha
day 174: Heading home!
day 175: Catching lighting bugs.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day

I'm so blessed to have some amazing men in my life. Happy Father's Day to Dad, Jimmy, Papa and one amazing Dada to our girls. I love you all! 

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Project 365 {162-168}

We're having a wonderful SC vacay {despite the humidity}. I hope you had a great week too.

day 162: Having fun
day 163: Early Father's Day
day 164: Weeee
day 165: Emily & Auntie Nichole
day 166: Olivia's taking us for a "drive".
day 167: Playing in the water.
day 168: The girls with their Grandma and Grandpa

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Leaving on a {jet plane}

10 days, 3 girls, 1 suitcase and a really full handbag. We're headed to SC to visit family and friends.
Poor Jesse sliced his finger at work today and had to get four stitches. Hopefully he'll be able to manage without us. Have a great week!

Monday, June 13, 2011

{summer} reading

Last week Olivia and I signed up for a summer reading program hosted by our county library system. She gets points for every book she I read. Then she can turn in her points for a prize. I'm sure she'll love whatever prize she gets but I also want to increase her love of reading.

Olivia loves to read books throughout the day and at bedtime. We had a bookcase in her room with tons of books for her to choose from but I noticed that even though all the books were on the floor at the end of the day we were still reading the same books over and over again. So we got rid of her bookcase and made her a book sling instead. Now she can see her books and know exactly which one she wants. We've limited her books to five and rotate them every week. We moved her bookcase to the basement so when it's time to rotate all her books are in one place.
The Noisy Airplane Ride by Mike Downs
I Fly by Ann Rockwell
Fly Away! by Helen and Kelly Oechsli
Beach is to Fun by Pat Brisson
Chicka Chicka Boom Boom by Bill Martin Jr and John Archambault

This week she has two of her own books and three from the library. Since we're flying tomorrow we've been taking a lot about airplanes. We're also reading about the beach {since that's where we're going} and her beloved Chicka Chicka Boom Boom. It's always the first book she picks up to read.

What are you reading this week? Are you doing a summer reading program?

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Sunday, June 12, 2011

{early} Father's Day

This weekend we celebrated Father's Day. Yeah, you read that right. When I planned our SC trip I didn't realize that the girls and I would be gone for Father's Day. Actually I realized five minutes after I booked our flight. Oops. I keep teasing Jesse that his Father's Day gift is having the house to himself for 10 days. So we spent the weekend doing what Jesse loves most, hanging out in our backyard.

For Father's Day the girls got Jesse a new grill plate. In the spring and summer Jesse cooks 85% of our meals on the grill so we thought he could use a new plate. He loves it!
I took the girls to a paint pottery store back in April. I wanted to do their hand prints but foot prints were so much easier. Olivia also painted Jesse a mug for his office. Now he can think of her every time he drinks his coffee.
Olivia also got a new pool this weekend. We had it up when she got home from her lunch date with Grammy. When she saw it she yelled "pool" and started clapping. She's a funny girl. They played in it for hours.
It was a Father's Day weekend full of laughter and sunshine. 
I hope you had a great weekend too!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Project 365 {155-161}

day 155- Emily and I did some shopping while Jesse and Liv played at home.
day 156- Olivia juggled rocks at the zoo. You can read more about our trip and her love of snakes here.
day 157- Happy Eight Months {yesterday} Miss Emily!
day 158- Olivia wants to "drive" every time we get in and out of the car.
day 159-Our veggie garden has gotten crazy big. You can see its progression here. I can't wait for some fresh tomatoes.
day 160- Olivia's "washing" dishes. Sorry about the hair. It's looking a little flock of seagulls today.
day 161- Olivia took a picture of her foot tonight.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Ten on Ten {June 2011}

I can't believe it's already June 10th! This month is flying by. Only four more days until our SC vacay. Yikes, I gotta start packing.

The girls didn't sleep well at all last night. They alternated being up from 12:30 to 4:00 ish. I needed a lot of coffee before I could open my eyes this morning and I didn't remember it was the 10th until around 10 am.

A quick trip to the library to pick up books about flying. I'm hoping it help prepares Olivia for our upcoming flight.
Olivia wants to "drive" whenever we get in or out of the car. She's gotten very good at changing all the radio and AC settings. 
I spent sometime in the basement today reorganizing kiddo clothes and cleaning. We really need to have a yard sale before we're nominated for Hoarders. 
Grandma watched the girls while I cleaned the basement. They adore spending time with her and I think she feels the same. 
Olivia's lack of sleep from last night has finally caught up to her. 
I stopped by a local farm market for some fresh tomatoes, strawberries, lettuce and asparagus. Yum!
We stopped to say "hi" to the cows on the way home from Grandma's house. 
Jesse brought home a mixed six pack and got me a watermelon ale. Not bad, but not on my drink again list. I love that it says strangely refreshing.
Olivia took a picture of her foot. She's so cute. 
Olivia chased a couple of bunnies around the yard before bed. 
I hope you had a great 10th! Now go check out some more Ten on Ten.