Friday, June 3, 2011

Project 365 {day 148-154}

day 148: Hanging out at a family cookout.
day 149: A hot "summer" day.
day 150: Another hot day.
day 151: Olivia insisted on wearing these shoes today.
day 152: She makes me so happy. I love this age!
day 153: We went strawberry picking and Olivia ended up cover in strawberries.
day 154: An afternoon in the park.


deb duty said...

Love all of the summery photos! You have such cute girls!

hip-chick said...

very sweet pictures and girls. I love the two different shoes. maybe she just couldn't make up her mind which ones she liked best...I can relate to that.

Susan said...

Love the shoe photo! Your daughter has beautiful blue eyes. Your photos make me long for summer...and strawberries :)

Allison Hoffman said...

love the two different shoes - too cute!

Elle Belles Bows said...

Such cutie pies!! I love all the pics but my faves are the cat ctaching a drink from the water table and the strawberry picking! True moments captured!!


Branson said...

So many great photo moments this week :) The cat and the shoes cracked me up!

Sarah said...

Great photos. Love the second one, the laundry basket one and the last one. Thanks for linking up.

Grumplestilskin said...

Your girls are adorable.

I love the two different shoes. I did that once, and it wasn't so cute at age 35. ;-)

Abra said...

strawberry picking sounds like fun and i love, love the mismatched shoes!