Sunday, July 17, 2011

{B} is for bug

This past week we read books about bugs. Olivia has a bit of a bug phobia so I thought reading and talking about them would help her understand that she doesn't need to be afraid of bugs. She definitely likes pretending to catch them but when she sees a bug in person all bets are off. So even though she's still afraid of them she had a fun week reading about them. We read all of our books everyday this week and did a craft/activity with most our books. 
Olivia's {and my} favorite book this week was "I Love Bugs" by Philemon Sturges. It was always the first book she pulled out of the pile. For our craft we did dot painting inside the letter "B". Then I drew little legs on all the dots to make them bugs {I know they don't look like bugs but Olivia enjoyed them}.
We did three crafts for the "Very Hungry Caterpillar" by Eric Carle. First we made a caterpillar out of a clothes pin and pom poms then next day we turned the caterpillar into a butterfly. Later in the week we made fingerprint caterpillars.
'My "b" Book' was the only book we read that wasn't about bugs, but it was about the letter "B". In the book the girl finds "b" items and puts them in her box so we did the same thing. Everytime we read the book we'd fill the box. We found  a bear, bug, blocks, ball, book, brush, bracelet, bunny and of course a bathing suit. 


Stephanie said...

Love the box idea! I'm gonna pass that one on to my daughter to do with my granddaughter. Good stuff. This is the stuff that really matters, ya know. :)

The Princess and the Tot said...

Love the butterfly craft and the letter box!

Anna @ The Imagination Tree said...

What a brilliant way to bring phonics alive! I love your letter box and the fun book crafts. Thanks for sharing!