Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Fingers crossed that she gets a tooth this month.
My goodness Emily is nine month old! Oh how time has flown by. I absolutely adore this age. She so fun and sweet. Lately she's become my shopping buddy. She's so happy and never complains {unlike her sister}. Emily is still crawling like a crazy. Lately she's been taking a couple of "steps" on her hands and knees. Speaking of knees, she is always pulling herself to kneeling and desperately wants to pull to stand but her legs aren't strong enough. Emily loves cruising around in her walker and has become a bit of a menace in it. She's always running over our feet. Whenever I open the fridge or dishwasher she practically runs to it so she can grab something. Emily continues to say "dada" all the time but lately when she's upset and sees me she says "mama". She's also playing peek-a-boo and "so big". Emily has definitely found her voice and makes sure we know when she is not pleased.
I just love and adore this little girl. I'm so thankful that God picked us to be her parents. I love being her Mama.

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Lisa said...

She's adorable! It is such a fun age!