Sunday, October 16, 2011

Project 365 {267-287}

Wowzers! I missed two weeks of Project 365. Here's what we've done over the past three weeks.

day 267: Olivia's hoping we get a purple Christmas tree this year.
day 268: I'm always amazed at how much I can stuff into my bag.
day 269: Play group fun
day 270: Dance party
day 271: There are 13 farms with cows in a two mile radius of our house. There are many days we do a cow driving tour while Emily is asleep.
day 272: Soon we won't be able to see our driveway.
day 273: Her daily bike ride.
day 274: Love fall!
day 275: Liv loves to push the vacuum.
day 276: Emily has discovered she can open the cabinets.
day 277: She can also climb in the dishwasher.
day 278: Happy Birthday Emily!
day 279: Emily is doing a lot of climbing lately. Today we found her standing in the stroller.
day 280: Olivia finally got to meet and kiss on baby Rylee
day 281: Emily's birthday party. You can see more pictures from it here and here.
day 282:Three generations
day 283: I love all the gorgeous colors at the park. You can see the rest of our Ten on Ten here.
day 284: Olivia has been dragging these balloons around since the party.
day 285: It rained all day so we made a fort and watched a movie.
day 286: Playing on their new car.
day 287: I made caramel apple bites for "ladies night in". I'll have a tutorial for them later this week {don't get too excited}.


Mary said...

All the colors are so beautiful! I love fall. :)

Sarah said...

Great shots. Love the fall colors. Happy Birthday Emily. She is getting so big!!

Mrs. Huse Clifton said...

yay for you I tried doing that this year but I gave up. I love day 277