Thursday, November 10, 2011

Ten on Ten {November 2011}

Ten on Ten: take one photo every hour for ten hours and capture the beauty of your day. 

We've had very early mornings {5 am} since the time change. Today Olivia slept until 6:45 am. Woohoo. Unfortunately both girls woke up with runny noses and a horrible cough. 
One of our trees lost all of its leaves last night. 
Blueberry pancakes for breakfast.
We took a trip to the bank {it's 32 miles away}. I had Olivia pack a bag of books to help entertain her on our trip.
On the way home we stopped at a rest area so Olivia could go potty. She also jumped in some rain puddles. Side note: Olivia ALWAYS wears her rain boots, except today when there are puddles to jump in. She didn't seem to mind. 
Naptime. Only Emily napped. Olivia has been on a nap strike for a couple of weeks. 
We colored some leaves with do-a-dots.
I've had the urge to listen to Christmas music this week, so I turned some on...I'm not ready. I put Adele back on. 
Tree snack.
Emily has been very clingy today. Not only does she feel rotten but she's having separation issues. She hates when I leave the room.
How was your tenth? You can see more Ten on Ten at A Bit of Sunshine


Hershey's Moma {amy} said...

Super duper great invention, the boogie wipes; hope the colds don't last to long-
Oh, my for the leaves.
Cute snack idea.

Meagan said...

We've been getting up early around here this week and we're done with the nap, too. It's hard! I looove your tree snack! We're doing that today!
Great 10 on 10!

Dmarie said...

such beautiful little ones! thanks for sharing your day!

Mark and Ashlie said...

Love your tree snack! I'm going to try that with my girls too! Happy 10 on 10!