Monday, November 28, 2011

{weekend} Recap

Our Thanksgiving plans changed at the last minute so I cooked our dinner. Thankfully I didn't burn/dry out/drop the turkey. Olivia was my sous chef. She did a great job helping me in the kitchen.
We've been having beautiful weather this week so we're soaking up all the outside time we can get.
Emily got a fat lip. Again I'm not sure what she did. I'm a bit concerned that she might end up being my daredevil. Which isn't a good thing since Olivia got stitches at 16 months.
Emily is knee walking. We're still working on walking and she takes three steps by herself before she falls. She loves practicing and is starting to stand up in the middle of the floor. Soon she'll be a walker.
We had a play date with two of the cutest boys I know. 
While I was addressing our Christmas cards Olivia decided to make her own cards. After her pictures dried I added them to the envelopes. 
Olivia found some extra stockings in our decorations box and decided to "put boots on the tree"
 Olivia put the ornaments on the tree while I told her the story behind each of them. 
Later Olivia would point out ornaments to Emily and tell her about them. 
Even though it feels like Christmas inside it's still fall outside. While I was raking Olivia played in the leaves. Olivia is standing in this pile. Yep, we've gotta lot of leaves. 
My wreath is now a hula hoop. 


Anonymous said...

Reading this Angee, I wonder why you don't write. You have a way with words that captures a person. Heck, you always have. I still have my photo albulm you had made for me and I read the letter at the front quite frequently. I am so happy that you and your family is doing so well. The girls are just too cute. I miss you a lot and I hope I will get to see you soon, especially since MB is not too far from me and the company I work for now is based out of Baltimore, MD, so I will be close to you from time to time. This was my first time rading your blog but I will try and follow it now. Love ya and miss ya - Dawn

carissa at lowercase letters said...

i am liking that hula hoop wreath! it kind of looks like a lady gaga costume. : )

Michele said...

Sounds like you did an awesome job with the Turkey. Your girls are precious! They remind me of my boys. How many years apart are they? My boys are 37 mths apart. Love the photos of them deocrating the tree. Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog. Your kind words are always an encouragement.