Friday, December 23, 2011


Here's a glance at our week.

Emily rode forward facing for the first time. The girls held hands the while way to Grandma's house. I can't believe Target already has swimsuits out. Naptime. Grandma wore the girls out.
Emily fell and busted her lip. Thankfully it wasn't anything an ice pop couldn't fix. I love finding packages on our doorstep this time of year. Olivia and I made salt dough ornaments.
Wrapping Christmas presents. My sewing foot {is that what it's called?} blew a fuse. If you look closely you can see the smoking coming out of it. Out of frustration I organized the crayon box.
Christmas tree pizza {yeah, not so much}, snowman pancakes and cinnamon roll waffles.
Olivia went to see Santa. She took one look at him and walked away. I've noticed that shopping with a princess puts a smile on people's faces. Olivia got to ring the Salvation Army bell. It was the highlight of her day. Maybe we'll get her a part-time job next year.
Olivia got a new bed so we went shopping for new bedding. Despite my efforts to get her to choose nice shabby chic bedding she wanted princess. But I can live with it if she sleeps in her own bed. Only the cat slept in the bed. 
My MOMS club had some Christmas activities for the kiddos. They watched a movie, made reindeer food and had a book walk. Olivia made sure she had her ballet slippers on so she could dance like a ballerina. When it was Olivia's turn to pick a book she picked the one we brought. We also had a cookie exchange for the mamas. 
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