Monday, January 16, 2012

Miscellany Monday

Today marks the day we're getting back into our routine. I'm calling today our new year's day. After Christmas, our vacation and my father-in-law passing away, I'm looking forward to getting our lives back in order. I'm hoping Clean Mama and the declutter calendar can help steer me in the right direction.

In addition to getting organized, we're starting up tot school again this week. We're going to craft, read and learn about winter {and the letter W}. I just wish we had some snow to go along with our activities.

I found York Peppermint Pattie creamer at the grocery store this weekend. It's so yummy! I love mocha peppermint creamer but I can't find it after Christmas. So this is the perfect replacement. I've also made my sister jealous and now she's on the hunt for some down south.

Since Olivia got bit by our neighbor's cat, she wears band-aids as fashion accessories. On her forehead, foot and yesterday her nose. Bless her heart.

I hope you have a lovely Monday. It's not a holiday for Jesse, but it is for my most favorite working mama and that means coffee playdate. Yipee!
Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters


Ari @ AriTiana said...

I love York peppermint Patties. I also love to forget that it's candy and often eat more than I should :) Happy Monday!

amyhersheyskisses said...

Gorgeous picture.
I'm going to go check out your links, I'm very interested!!
Hope you had a nice play date and a happy "New Year's Monday."

carissa at lowercase letters said...

hope day two of noramlcy is going well. i'm sorry to hear of your father-in-law's passing. hope these days are filled with healing, hope, and peppermint creamer. :)