Friday, April 20, 2012

Another Twelve

You can see the first twelve here

13. My summer job before college I was a photo girl at Dixie Stampede.  Before that I was ride operator at an amusement park.

14. I own every episode of Felicity.  I'm on team Noel and I love her hair short.

15. I love the smell of marshland.  To some it smells like rotten marine life, but to me it reminds me of my childhood..

16. You'll always see me with short nails. I've never grown them out.

17. I'm sad when I finish a good book.  I feel like I've lost a friend.

18. I only take milk or creamer in my coffee. Never sugar.

19. I HATED hot dogs as a kid but now love them. But only if they are grilled and burnt.

20. I know all the dance steps to the final dance in Dirty Dancing.  My sister and I would practice it for hours.

21. I think our clothes smell like sunshine when they come off the line.

22. I have one crooked tooth.  My Nanny has the same crooked tooth.

23. I could never be an accountant because I transpose numbers.

24. From age 5 to 26ish I didn't eat corn off the cob (on the cob, yes).  I couldn't stand the taste or smell of it.

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