Friday, April 13, 2012


Here's a look at our week according to instagram.

Coloring eggs.

Early morning giggles.

We've entered into the world of tiny Barbie accessories.

Library time.

Helping me weed. Although Olivia doesn't understand how dandelions can be a weed.

Checking out a worm.

Emily insists on putting her hands in the bubble machine.

Someone is ready for a nap. Liv usually doesn't nap but when she asks for a blanket I know she's about to pass out.


We had a hail storm. When I told Olivia it was balls of ice she asked if she could go outside and ice skate.

Emily had her 18 month check and Olivia had her three year old check up yesterday. I have to admit I got a little emotional when they took Liv's blood pressure. She's growing up so fast! Both girls are happy and healthy and we're blessed parents.

Happy Friday the 13th! Are you superstitious? 

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amyhersheyskisses said...

Emily putting her hands in the bubble machine is my favorite!! You're right, she is growing up so fast. (I'm not fond of tiny Barbie accessories, how about you??)