Friday, April 6, 2012


Instagram is finally on android. Yipee! I'm mamarockwell {look me up}.

Our budding photographer. She's always telling me to hold still when she takes my picture. I guess she's heard that a few times. 

Olivia is having a "sleepover" with her new Barbie ballerina, Cupcake. She names her toys now and I absolutely love it! 

Dinner time

Snacks always taste better when you're outside. 

Olivia decided that she wanted to be green. Washable markers are not really washable {she's still kinda green}. Yes, she's wearing a swimsuit. She's sooooo ready for summer! 

Yesterday we were all in rotten moods so we took a walk. It's a perfect mood pick up. 
I hope you have a great Good Friday! Linking to InstaFriday.

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