Monday, April 30, 2012

Miscellany Monday

* I had a wonderful birthday. Jesse let me sleep in and served me breakfast in bed. We went to a 5th birthday party at the park. Then that night Jesse and I went out for dinner and ice cream. It was a perfect day.
* Last week I read the Hunger Games trilogy. It was so good and I'm sad that there aren't anymore books. Thankfully I have movies to look forward to.
* Wednesday morning I woke up unable to move my neck or left shoulder. I pinched a nerve (I'm blaming it on reading the Hunger Games). I was out of commission until Friday afternoon. My neck still hurts but at least I'm able to function again.
* This week is Screen-Free week. We're not going to use the tv or computer while the girls are awake. I'm hoping we can do it the whole week.
Why yes, Emily is having a tantrum. Just keeping it real!

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