Thursday, April 19, 2012

Twelve Things

My first birthday

I'm going to 36 on Saturday and you know what, I'm excited.  I'm excited to celebrate my life.  I love my life.  I've got an amazing hubby, two beautiful girls, wonderful family and a great group of friends.  I'm embracing and celebrating my age, because without it, I wouldn't be where I am today.  So to celebrate, I thought I'd share 36 thing about myself over the next few days.

1. I love to play board and card games.  I'm very competitive.  No one has ever beat me at 221B Baker Street. Ever!

2. I hate my handwriting. I'm left handed so my writing is a sloppy mess.  My mom and sister have the same beautiful handwriting, and I'm kinda jealous.

3. I love the smell of vanilla and sandalwood.

4. I get sun poisoning on the same spot of my face if I'm out in the sun too long.  I now have an age spot and freckle mole there.  A lesson to you youngsters, wear sunscreen.

5. Growing up my dad was a State Park Superintendent and I've never been camping.

6. I love Woodchuck Cider, but don't get to drink it very often.

7. I'm a very sensitive person and cry at everything.  Books, movies, name it, I'll cry at it.   My mom's the same way (and I like that).

8. I don't really like feet, but I love baby feet.  I seriously can't stop kissing and pretending to eat them.

9. I could eat Pad Thai and spring rolls every single day.

10. I can't sleep without the sound of a fan (thanks Babe).

11. My favorite color is red.

12. A perfect day would include sitting on a blanket under our big oak tree reading a book and sipping sweet tea.

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Lish said...

Have a very Happy Birthday!!! I cry at everything too and I LOVE eating(pretend) my kids feet!!! :)
Have a great weekend!