Sunday, September 30, 2012

31 Days

I've decided to join the 31 day challenge at The Nester. For 31 days I'll blog about one topic (in addition to my usual weekly topics). October is a very busy month for us so I wanted to pick a topic that I knew I could commit to and have fun writing about it.

Starting tomorrow the girls and I will be doing 31 days of handprint/footprint/fingerprint art. I love little hands and feet and I love them more when they are turned into art. Olivia and I sat down today and made a list of all the pictures we want to make (thank you Pinterest). Since it is October we are going to do fall and Halloween inspired art. We hope you will join us on our 31 day challenge.

Are you a fan of handprint art? Want to see some of our past handprint art? You can find it here.

Friday, September 28, 2012


Our life lately...

Stocking up on fabric.
Monday morning around 7:30 am I noticed that my phone was missing. I knew that Emily put it somewhere but she wouldn't tell me where. I tore the house apart but couldn't find it. The ringer was off, so I couldn't call it. Around 2:30, I was in the girls room when I heard a buzz. I found it in Olivia's dresser drawer. I've learned my lesson about putting down my phone. 
Olivia made a "to do list" for the day. Just like her mama. 
Grandma watched the girls for a couple of hours while I got some sewing done. 
Are leaves are slowly starting to turn. 
How was your week? 

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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

{on} Repeat

Friday, September 21, 2012


Here's a look at our week according to Instagram. I'm angeeoctobermorning if you'd like to follow along. 

Yesterday Groopdealz featured my bookmarks. The sale ends Saturday. If you have a book lover in your life this is an awesome price and the bookmarks make wonderful stocking stuffers. 
My Mom2Mom group started back up yesterday. I've been so worried about how Emily would adjust to being in a class without me (she's very clingy and timid). When I left she was sobbing but when I went to pick her up she was happily playing and my heart was happy. 
We had lunch with grandma (their great grandmother). I love that they are forming a strong bond. I have fond memories of my great grandmother and I hope they will too. 
We went to a birthday party/playdate with lots of yummy cupcakes and coffee. It was one of those times when the mamas had more fun than the kids. Those kind of playdates are good for the soul. 
Emily's new look is to wear a shirt and boots (without a diaper). Hubs thinks she's ready for potty training. This mama is not. The idea of potty training makes me want to sit in a corner and cry. 
How was your week?

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Thursday, September 20, 2012


I'm so excited to share that my Bloom Bookmarks are a featured deal on Groopdealz today! Go check it out.

{on} Repeat

Monday, September 17, 2012

Hello Monday

Hello farm in the city. The girls love petting the animals while I pick up fresh produce. 
Hello pumpkins. How cute is this pumpkin checkers game? I think we might need one on our porch. 
Hello fall festivals. We attended our first fall festival of the season. The Franklin Fall Farm Fun Fest (yeah, it's a mouth full). We had our first hay ride and did our first hay maze. In a few weeks we'll be doing a big corn maze. Practice girls, practice. 
Hello free ice cream. 
Hello to a stocked freezer. I had a freezer cooking session with a friend last week. It has inspired me to start a freezer meal exchange group. I can't wait until our first exchange. 

Hello to my newest obsession lime and salt popcorn. Yum! 

Hello Downton Abbey. I started watching season one this week. I wasn't very impressed until I got to episode three, now I can't stop watching it. Oh the drama, secrets, scandal and gossip. 
Hello Monday. Hello new week. We've got a week full of fun planned. 

What are you saying hello to today? 

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Saturday, September 15, 2012

10 before 2013

Lena over at Mom2MemphisAndRuby has a weekly Ten on Tuesday link up. This week's prompt is "Ten things I want to accomplish before 2013." I love the idea of making an end of the year "to do list". These next four months are going to be very busy and I definitely need to take a minute to focus on what I want to accomplish. So here we go.

My 10 before 2013:

1. Get organized. I'm crazy disorganized right now. I need to come up with a daily schedule that will include cleaning, home schooling, working, family time and hubby time and exercise/mama time. I'm so disorganized that I didn't get this Tuesday post up until Saturday.
2. Be a better business owner. I need to come up with a weekly work schedule. Right now I'm working whenever I have a minute but I'd like to have a more established schedule. I also need to work on PR and developing new items.
3. Have 50 sales at my Etsy shop. Hopefully some good PR will help with this.
4. Drink more water. I drink way too much coffee during the day. I need to limit it to two cups and then drink water the rest of the day.
5. Walk five days a week. I need to get in the habit of packing up the girls in the stroller and going on daily walks. There is a new playground a mile down the road, so I really don't have anymore excuses.
6. Finish redecorating the girls' room and playroom. They started rooming together at the end of June and I haven't done any of the projects I have planned for their room. Another reason why I need to be more organized.
7. Clean out the basement. We started refinishing our basement four years ago but then we had kids and it's become hoarders down there. It's bad...real bad!
8. Make the girls Halloween costumes. Liv wants to be a mermaid and she wants Em to be a fish. Fingers crossed I get them done...on time.
9. Take a photo a day. I've been taking camera phone pics everyday but I really need to pick up my real camera to capture our daily moments.
10. Establish a four minute marriage habit. I need to make sure hubs knows how much a love and appreciate him. It's so easy to get into a runt. I also want to give the girls four affirmations a day. I spend all day disciplining and correcting them that I often forget to praise them.

So what do you want to accomplish before 2013?

Monday, September 10, 2012

Ten on Ten {September 2012}

Ten on Ten: One photo, every hour, for ten hours on the 10th of every month. 

Summer is officially over for Olivia. She's no longer napping and goes to bed early which results in her waking up at 6 am Thankfully once I give her milk, a project and toons she lets me sleep a little longer. Which is a blessing since Emily has been up a half a dozen times every night this past week.
We had pumpkin pancakes this morning. I totally cheated and just added pumpkin puree to my boxed pancake mix. They were yummy.
It's sock season! Woohoo!! Socks make my heart happy. It's been in the low 70's the past two days and it's just delightful.
We had a playdate this morning with Christopher and his sweet mama, Jen. Olivia was disappointed that a girl didn't come over and play with her today. We're going through an "I don't like boys" phase.
Since I had leftover pumpkin and I made pumpkin spice syrup for my coffee. So yummy! The recipe made a pint, so hopefully it'll last me a couple of weeks.
B is for ballerina. Olivia was ecstatic to find out we're doing ballerina worksheets this week.
We used up the last of the pumpkin to bake some pumpkin snickerdoodles.
Our fall craft for today was an apple tree. You can see our daily #fallartproject on Instagram. I'm Angeoctobermorning if you want to follow along.
The girls discovered a new use for couch cushions. Never a dull moment. Emily has also discovered that she doesn't like wearing pants.
The pumpkin snickerdoodle cookies were a hit. Next time I'm going to try them with less sugar and whole wheat flour.
How was your tenth? I hope you had a great one! Thanks for stopping by!

Hello Monday

Hello to fall! It finally cooled down and yesterday we were able to enjoy having the windows open. I also made a big pot of chili while we watched football. It was a perfect fall day.

Hello to matching pjs. Swoon!

Hello Ten on Ten! Take a photo an hour for ten consecutive hours on the tenth day of the month. I can't believe this is my third September doing ten on ten. It's such a fun way to capture the day. Here's what we were up to September 2011 and September 2010. Check out A Bit of Sunshine for more Ten on Ten.

Hello to new Bloom Bookmarks in the shop.
Thanks for reading. 

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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Simple Things {ponies}

I never know here I'm going to find ponies. 
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Thursday, September 6, 2012

{on} Repeat

This song is simply beautiful and the video just makes me smile.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

What I'm Loving

It's football season, which means it's time for football food. Today I'm sharing our five favorite dips.

Sausage Dip

Bacon Horseradish Dip

Buffalo Chicken Dip

Source: via Angee on Pinterest

Beer Cheese Dip
Source: via Angee on Pinterest

Jalapeno Popper Dip

Are you a dip person? What is your favorite dip?

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Monday, September 3, 2012

Hello Monday

Hello September! I'm beyond excited that fall is just around the corner. It is my favorite time of the year. Crisp air, sweaters, boots, leaves, pumpkin lattes, football, fall festivals and apple cider. I'm giddy just thinking about it.
Our yard last November
Hello three day weekend. I love having Jesse home for an extra day. Thanks to the holiday I've been very productive and have new items in the shop.

Hello to fall birthdays. Emily turns two next month and Jesse turns $0 in November. It's time to start party planning. Or skip the party and go camping.

Hello to A is for Apple. It's apple week at our house and the girls are very excited. Speaking of apples, this song has become the girls favorite. Even Emily sings along. Unfortunately it's very catchy and now you'll be singing it the rest of the day. Sorry.

Hello new Bloom Bookmarks. Purple and teal is becoming my new favorite color combination. You can find them in the shop.
Thanks for reading. I hope you have a wonderful Monday.

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