Saturday, September 15, 2012

10 before 2013

Lena over at Mom2MemphisAndRuby has a weekly Ten on Tuesday link up. This week's prompt is "Ten things I want to accomplish before 2013." I love the idea of making an end of the year "to do list". These next four months are going to be very busy and I definitely need to take a minute to focus on what I want to accomplish. So here we go.

My 10 before 2013:

1. Get organized. I'm crazy disorganized right now. I need to come up with a daily schedule that will include cleaning, home schooling, working, family time and hubby time and exercise/mama time. I'm so disorganized that I didn't get this Tuesday post up until Saturday.
2. Be a better business owner. I need to come up with a weekly work schedule. Right now I'm working whenever I have a minute but I'd like to have a more established schedule. I also need to work on PR and developing new items.
3. Have 50 sales at my Etsy shop. Hopefully some good PR will help with this.
4. Drink more water. I drink way too much coffee during the day. I need to limit it to two cups and then drink water the rest of the day.
5. Walk five days a week. I need to get in the habit of packing up the girls in the stroller and going on daily walks. There is a new playground a mile down the road, so I really don't have anymore excuses.
6. Finish redecorating the girls' room and playroom. They started rooming together at the end of June and I haven't done any of the projects I have planned for their room. Another reason why I need to be more organized.
7. Clean out the basement. We started refinishing our basement four years ago but then we had kids and it's become hoarders down there. It's bad...real bad!
8. Make the girls Halloween costumes. Liv wants to be a mermaid and she wants Em to be a fish. Fingers crossed I get them done...on time.
9. Take a photo a day. I've been taking camera phone pics everyday but I really need to pick up my real camera to capture our daily moments.
10. Establish a four minute marriage habit. I need to make sure hubs knows how much a love and appreciate him. It's so easy to get into a runt. I also want to give the girls four affirmations a day. I spend all day disciplining and correcting them that I often forget to praise them.

So what do you want to accomplish before 2013?

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