Friday, October 12, 2012

Handprint Art {Indian Corn}

Today we made Indian corn. It's the same technique as the corn we made earlier this week. We just added another step. 

What you need:
yellow paint
red paint
orange paint
green construction paper
paint brushes

1. Paint your child's foot with yellow paint and stamp it on the paper to make an ear of corn.
2. Let the paint dry.
3. Use the construction paper to cut out two leaves.
4. Glue the leaves to the footprint.
5. Dip your child's finger in red and yellow paint and stamp on corn kernels. 
5. Enjoy your "foot" of Indian corn.


Jerimi said...

Oh my goodness, this is just ridiculously cute. What a clever idea!

Charlotte Rawles said...

Thats such a cute idea! Love new things to do and hands on crafts with the kids is my idea of great fun!!

I have nominated you for Liebster award! Be sure to check out my blog post which i will be putting up tomorrow for the things you need to do :)

Charlotte - From