Monday, October 29, 2012

Hello Monday

Hello Sandy! We are hunkering down for her arrival later today. I grew up on the coast of South Carolina and have been through more hurricanes than I can count. I usually don't get to worked up about storms, but this time it feels different. Now that I'm a mama and can't help but be nervous. I just want to make sure they are safe but also entertained when the electricity goes out. In case you forgot, this time last year (Halloween day) we had a big snow storm. Crazy Halloween weather!

Hello gorgeousness! Saturday we had a family photo session with the amazing Holly from H&E Photography. We had such a great time and she was amazing with the girls. She's a wonderful friend with a heart of gold. Make sure you go check her out. Maybe you'll see some more sneak peeks of our session. 

Later that night Jesse and I went to an invite only dinner at the Texas Roadhouse. We have one opening in our town and they had a test night. Hello free dinner. I was so yummy and I LOVED my date! He has a big (40th) birthday Saturday. I can't believe we've been together for 14 years. It feels like we met just the other day. 

Hello busy hands. I've been working like crazy to build up a nice inventory for my first craft show, I Heart Handmade Marketplace. I'm so excited and a tad bit nervous. Two of my amazing friends, Angel and Sasha are producing the show and I'm honored to be in it. If you live in South-Central Pennsylvania you should come check us out! 
Hello new notepad organizers.  I've also been busy making these new little lovelies. The one on top is going to be my lifeline during the craft show. I would be completely lost without my organizer. I've been using it to keep track of my to do lists and inventory for the show. 

What are you saying hello to today? 

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deborah said...

Your photos turned out fabulously! Your girls are so darling and I love their pink outfits!

Hooray for a free dinner!

Best to you when the storm hits. I hope it is not as bad as they are predicting. I have an uncle in P.A. around Chambersburg.