Monday, October 8, 2012

Hello Monday

Hello to having a two year old! Sweet Emily's birthday was Friday. She woke up to balloons and streamers. I wanted to put balloons in her room, but she's still not sleeping through the night. Womp, womp.
Hello to a fun fall weekend. We had lovely crisp air and went to our favorite fall festival.
Hello to being brave. Last fall Olivia refused to get on a pony. This time she hopped right on and loved every minute of it. I'm so proud of her!
Hello to not getting lost in the corn maze. At first we let the girls decide where we would go, but then we figured we should take charge if we wanted to find our way out. 
Hello to driving down country roads and finding a hidden apple orchard. We scored 40 pounds of apple seconds for $2. Hello to apple dumplings, apple butter and applesauce. 
Hello to mailing out all of the GroopDealz orders. Woohoo! I had a couple of very late nights (3:30 am) finishing orders. By Saturday night I was so tired that I went to bed a 7:00 pm and it was AWESOME! Now I need to start stocking up for my first craft show next month. 
Have a happy Monday! I'll be up to my elbows in apples. 

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Cheryl @ KidsOnAPlane said...

Wow! That is A LOT of apples!! Still haven't gone apple picking yet over here but hoping to get it done this month with the kids.

Good luck on the applesauce, apple butter and dumplings making. Would love to learn how to make dumplings and apple butter!

Happy Monday!