Monday, November 5, 2012

Hello Monday

Hello to a wonderful weekend. My amazing hubs turned 40 on Saturday. Birthdays are a big deal in our house and the girls get so excited when it's time to celebrate.

Hello party! My mother-in-law organized a small surprise party for Jesse. We had it was The Thought Lot. It was a very cool location. It's a contemporary art center. They had an art exhibit earlier that day. After the party my brother-in-law's band (and two other bands) had a show there. It was so much fun. Since we've had kids we don't get a chance to see live music that often. I forgot my camera and my phone was acting wacko so this is the only photo I have from the night. 
Hello I Heart Handmade Marketplace. I can't believe it is this Saturday! Eeek! I'm starting to work on my table display and found these nice additions at Goodwill. I'm hoping to have a little sneak peek of the display later this week. I have a tons of stuff to do this week and I'm so blessed to have friends and family that have volunteered to entertain the girls while I prep for the show. 
Hello Christmas party! Jesse's company is having their Christmas party Saturday night. So as soon as the craft show is over we're heading down to DC for a night of dancing, drinks and lots of laughs. Olivia and I went dress shopping yesterday and I was floored when I found a cute little black dress on the clearance rack. FTW! 

Hello dancing in the kitchen. The girls and I had a dance party in the kitchen last night while dinner was cooking and it just made my heart full. 

Speaking of cooking, I'll be back later tonight (or tomorrow) to share details and a recipe from the November freezer meal exchange. 

What are you saying hello to today? 

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