Monday, November 12, 2012

Hello Monday

Wow! What a crazy week and awesome weekend. I'm so thankful to have a couple of days to decompress and just hang out with my little ones.
Hello first craft show! October Morning was a huge success. I had a wonderful time and was completely blown away by the number of friends that came out to support all of us. I'll talk more about the show tomorrow.
Hello Christmas party. Yep, you read that right. As soon as the craft show was over, Jesse and I headed to Sterling, VA for his company Christmas party. I took a little power nap on the way down, so that I'd be ready to party (and party I did). I was so nice to spend the evening with Jesse and friends. It was even better to sleep through the night and wake up in the most comfortable hotel bed ever.

Hello sleep training. My kids are the worst sleepers. Emily isn't sleeping through the night, again. Last week I would work until 2 am, then she would be up for a couple of hours so I started sleeping in their room (thank you trundle bed). This week is dedicated to training her to sleep through the night on her own, which means I'll be going to sleep at 9 every night in preparation of the long nights ahead. The last time I had to sleep train Olivia it took about two weeks. I'm hoping it doesn't take as long this time around.
Hello Handmade Holiday Promotions. I have three promotions that start today and end on November 21st. Can you believe there are only 42 more days until Christmas. I need to start my Christmas shopping. Are you an early or late shopper?

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