Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Scentsy Layers Review and Giveaway

Have you heard of Scentsy? I love them! My house smells amazing everyday thanks to Scentsy. Scentsy has moved beyond candles and introduced a new line of products, called Scentsy Layers.
Begin and end your daily routine with fragrance, layer by layer. Transform your morning shower from a necessity to something sublime. Let your personal fragrance leave a lovely trace with every movement. Layers by Scentsy lets you build a fragrance that’s yours alone, every day. Pick your favorite scents, mix and match products, and envelop your life in fragrance.

These luscious smelling bath, body, and laundry products include shower creams and gels, body lotions and butters, hand creams, body sprays, solid perfume, washer whiffs, and dryer disks. With fragrances like Enchanted Mist, Quiver, Sugar Cookie, and more, there’s something for everyone. 
Recently Holly, my Independent Scentsy Consultant, gave me Scentsy Layers Hand Soap to try. I got the scent Linger- Pink grapefruit, sugared apple, lavish praline, and flirty marshmallow swirl create a fragrance that says “stay." It smells as good as it sounds.  With a two and three year old running around I'm constantly washing my hands. Now that I'm using Scentsy Layers, I'm finding excuses to wash my hands. I love how soft the soap makes my hands feel. I usually put lotion on after I wash my hands because they feel dry, but haven't had to since I started using Scentsy Layers Hand Soap. I also can't stop smelling my hands. So yummy! 


Now it's your chance to win a Scentsy Layers Hand Soap and Scentsy Layers Hand Lotion set in the scent of your choice. 

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4smartmonkeys said...

I want to try the hand soap!!! couldn't figure out how to comment on the giveaway,hope this counts :)

Chelsea said...

The shower gel!

throuthehaze said...

body spray

toad said...

i answered the question and am a fan on fb...but i don't think i actually wrote an answer to the question?! so, i would love to try the hand soap as well as the bath fizzies! ;)

Julie said...

like to try the hand soap

Maureen said...

I would love to try the Scentsy Layers Lotion