Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas weekend

Our Christmas vacation officially began Friday evening. After dinner we had family movie night. This was the first time Emily stayed up to watch a movie with us. Unfortunately it is also her last until she's a little older. Once her popcorn was done she was bored and went to bed. 
Saturday after dinner we took the girls to Tiny World to see the lights. The girls loved looking at all the lights and tiny houses. Santa was there too, but they wouldn't get near him. After Tiny World we went to a light show then drove downtown and looked at the lights. I love how magical it looks. 
Sunday afternoon when had a Christmas lunch with my father-in-law's family. I loved seeing everyone. I can't believe that he's been gone almost a year. 
 When we got home the girls decorated their gingerbread men. Then we tucked them into bed so they could dream about the Sugarplum Fairy while we wrapped presents.

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