Thursday, December 6, 2012

Sleep Debt

I have a large sleep debt. The last time I had a full night of sleep {six consecutive hours} was in August. The time before that...June 2008? I started my sleep debt when I was pregnant with Olivia. I joked that my insomnia was preparing me for what was to come. I had no idea that years later I'd have a 26 month old non-sleeper. Actually it wasn't until this summer that Olivia started sleeping all night in her bed. So maybe there is hope once Emily is three.

I have a constant feeling of exhaustion and it makes me a grumpy {and at times an unkind} mama. I also have the worst memory. During Emily's early colic days there are a few nights I don't remember, at all.

 I read somewhere that I will need over 10 nights of consecutive sleep before I can pay off my sleep debt. So until my creditors will allow me to pay off my debt, I will continue to consume large amounts of coffee.

Do you carry a sleep debt?

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Rhe Christine said...

sigh...yes yes and yes! in fact, here I am up at 1am...I took a nap today because the hubby was finally home and it screwed me up, but I really needed it! LOL