Wednesday, January 2, 2013

52 Smiles

One of my favorite blogs is Katherine Marie. She's simply amazing and inspiring and I'm sure you've seen her all over Pinterest. When I first started reading her blog, I went back and read every single blog post. Yep, I'm kind of a stalker. Anywho, I came across her 52 Smiles project and was completely inspired.

I love this project because it is so easy to spread a little kindness. I also want to use this project to teach my girls to be others-serving. So this year my family is committing to complete one act of kindness every week for a year.


Week ONE:  SURPRISE!  Anonymously leave a note, treat, artwork and/or gift for a stranger. 
Week TWO:  CREATE! Select a project that inspires childhood CREATIVITY!
Week THREE:  GIVE!   Pick a way to give that spreads LOVE, JOY and ENCOURAGMENT.  
Week FOUR:  SERVE!  Find a way to help others with your ACTIONS!  (Volunteering & Community Service)
Week FIVE:  THANK!  Develop a way to express appreciation and gratitude to those who make our world a better place. 

52 smiles. 52 teachable moments. 52 ways to show my kids how to serve others. 

Who is up for the challenge? I'd love to have you join us!

6. crockpot
7. tickling toes
8. sparkle nail polish

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katherine marie said...

WOWEEEEEE!!!!! THANK YOU and I can't wait to see what kind of wonderful happiness you bring to the world! :):):) HAPPY NEW YEAR!