Friday, January 4, 2013



loving: all the snow we had last week. It makes my heart happy.

thinking about: new products I'm working on for the shop and my goals for January.

listening to: the hum of Emily's monitor and Simple Mom podcast.

drinking: my last cup of coffee with creamer. I've realized creamer causes me to drink too much coffee. Plus I don't need the extra sugar.

reading: She Read Truth daily devotional and City of Bones.

watching: The Good Wife and Parenthood. I'm trying to catch up before they start back up next week.

anticipating: the season premiere of Downton Abbey.


the kids: have been a challenge. I have to remind myself, everyday, how difficult it must be to be two and three and have so many rules to remember.

life: honestly, it has been sad. Tomorrow will mark a year since we lost my father-in-law. There has been a lot of change lately and I don't do change very well.

I've: been a little disorganized this week. I'm hoping to get my mojo back soon.

my house: is a wreck. Next week I'll begin the new year purge. I feel like we have too much clutter.

What are you doing currently...lately?

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