Monday, February 18, 2013

Hello Monday

Hello yogurt face. The girls newest breakfast obsession is greek yogurt with honey and sprinkles. They would eat an entire tub if I let them. 

Hello sickness. Olivia woke up with croup Wednesday night. After 20 minutes in a steamy bathroom we were able to get her back to sleep. Her breathing was a little scary so I spent the night on her trundle. Since Olivia was sick we canceled all of our Valentine’s Day plans and spent the day snuggling on the couch, watching movies and sipping warm honey tea.

Hello new workspace. I've taken over a section of the playroom and I’m slowing transforming it into a work/sewing/crafting space.

Hello Mornings. Lately I've been struggling with our morning routine. I usually don’t go to bed until 11 pm- 12 am and I’m woken up at 6 am by someone staring at me. So while the girls are running circles around me and talking a mile minute, I’m sucking down coffee with one eye open. I’m a grumpy mama that relies on the TV to entertain my kids while I wake up.  

A perfect morning would be having at least an hour of quiet to get dressed, drink a cup of coffee and wake up. I want to be a happy mom. I want to be happy to see my girls in the morning rather than grunting and growling at them.

Then it hit me; my perfect morning isn't going to happen unless I make it happen. No matter how much I wish it, my girls are not going to sleep later than 6 am. So starting today my new wake up time is 5 am.  Wish me luck. Just typing 5 am make me cringe. 

*Update: I got up at 5 am and Olivia was up at 5:10. Sigh. I'll try again tomorrow. 

Do you get up before your kids in the morning? 

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Cheryl Wimberly said...

I have always struggled with getting up before my kids. I am a bear of a momma when I don't. Give me a cup of coffee and a few minutes in the Word and I am good to go. But wake me up while I am in bed - watch out! ;)
So yes, I try to get up before them. It's hit or miss now that there is a baby again, but one day... one day.... Right?!
Found you through carissa's blog.

Faith said...

I am a night owl ALL THE WAY... I went through a phase when I tried really hard to get up before my kids to have some quiet time before the day started.
Epic fail.
It seemed like no matter how early I got up or how quiet I tried to be they still woke up and I would be super-grump and annoyed. Some people can pull it off. Not me.
So my "quiet time" is at night. I am more productive and alert at night anyway, once I get started.

Emily Powell said... jealous! I need a work space and a play room!