Friday, May 10, 2013

Ten on Ten: May {2013}

I've had a very heavy heart the past two days for my friend, Abra. Her daughter Naomi was diagnosed with cancer yesterday. I can't not imagine. Naomi and Emily were born on the same day 2 1/2 years ago. Every time I look at Emily, I think of Naomi and Abra and my heart aches for them. Please take a moment to say a prayer for them.

Ten on Ten: Once a month on the tenth, take a photo an hour for ten consecutive hours. Find life and beauty in the ordinary things of our day to day.

Today was a lovely day. Great grandma visited with the girls for a few hours this morning while I did some yard work. Although I dislike weeding, it gave me a chance to reflect and talk with God. I also got to catch up on one of my favorite podcast. After a trip to the library, heat and exhaustion got to Emily and she started melting down. Then poor Olivia had a meltdown when I told her we were going home instead of stopping to feed the bunnies and goats. Thankfully after few snuggles everything was right again and we spent the rest of the afternoon outside. After dinner we surprised the girls and took them to get ice cream. It was Olivia's favorite part of the day. It was a very good day. 


Cindy said...

Thanks for sharing your nice set of pics! Looks like a nice day -- sending positive thoughts your way for your friend and her daughter!

oopsiemaizie said...

stopping by from ten on ten... the photo with the huge icecream cone is the best... It made me smile! also...saying a prayer for your friend and her daughter...

mmcgre01 said...

I love the photos of the melt-downs... you may have stressed at that moment, but you'll look back and laugh on it. Great pics.

Brook Powell said...

#1 is one of my favorites for this month. I have highlighted it in a post on my blog and included a link back to your whole set.

Thanks for sharing these photos, they are great.

Breanne said...

The meltdowns made me smile. That's all too familiar and it helps seeing it on other mom's blogs. =)

And I love that podcast as well, one of my very favourites.

Lovely day!