Monday, July 1, 2013

July goals

In July 2013 I will: 

~start couch to 5k
~program my coffee maker each night
~finish three unfinished projects

I can't believe July is already here.  June went by in a flash.  I plan to start a couch to 5k program this month and end the program running the Fallen Solider 5K.  

I've recently discovered the joy of waking up to a freshly made coffee.  No more waiting for the Keurig to warm up in the morning. It is such a simple thing to prep the night before.  I hope it is a habit that stays with me. 

I have at least 5-6 unfinished projects.  I don't know why I haven't finished them.  They aren't hard and they are super cute.  So this is the month of clear out those neglected projects. At the top of my list is a dress, a map and an embroidery hoop. 

What are your goals this month?

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Kelsea said...

Those are good goals- I need to have them as mine, too! I'm the same way lately- I start something but then get distracted or just am plain old lazy and don't feel like finishing it. Good luck with these!

Rhe Christine said...

I'm doing a 5K training program right now. My goal is a really cool 5K in DC this October. I really want to also do a military related one, but I couldn't find one that matched up for when I thought I'd be ready. I don't know where this running thing will go, if I'll go farther...but I really never thought I would make it this far!