Monday, July 22, 2013

miscellany monday

1. Emily enjoys eating vegetables straight from the garden.
2. Despite last week's heat wave, we still have a lot of green tomatoes. I think it might be time to ripen some in brown paper bags.

3. Why go down the slide when you can walk up it? This is Olivia's philosophy in life. She's determined to do things her way, regardless of how hard it may be. And that makes me love her even more.
4. Thanks to Netflix (and hubs) I'm obsessed with Sons of Anarchy. I still have one more season to watch before season six starts in the fall. Did you know it is loosely based on Hamlet?
 5. On Repeat- Birdy. I love her voice.

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Lea Culp said...

What a cutie and I have a little Granddaughter that also likes to do things her way and her favorite saying these days is: I can do it by myself. She will be 4 in Oct.

Dropping by from MM and wishing you a wonderful week!

Nancy said...

Love the eating from the garden. That's awesome! :)

Visiting from Misc Monday.