Monday, July 29, 2013

Miscellany Monday

1. Two weeks ago we had a heat wave and last week it was cold!!  Our temps were in the mid 70's with lows in the 50's.  Crazy July weather.

 2. Our tomatoes are starting to ripen.  Finally!!  I see some salsa, tomato pie and bruschetta in our future this week.

3. This little lady is going to be three in a little over two month.  Eeek!!!  This week we've gotten serious about potty training.  Oh my!  Potty training is no fun.  It is definitely a thankless job.  My mantra: It will get better each day, it will get better each day, it will get better each day.  Right?!?

4. "The intensity of spirited kids sizzles and snaps.  It can burn you to the core.  You breathe deeply trying your best to block the blow.  At fist, like drops on a rainproof jacket they roll off.  But the torrent grows heavier, the drops more penetrating, roaring in your ear, and piercing your composure until you may find yourself also screaming, threatening and slamming doors". Raising Your Spirited Child

Oh how I love this girl, but oh my she is a daily challenge.  Her intensity can be overwhelming.  I pray everyday that God gives me the grace and wisdom to raise her to be the woman she is destined to be.
4. This is a beautiful letter. A beautiful reminder to breathe in His grace everyday and to remember that you are not alone. 

5. On repeat: Band of Horse- The Funeral

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Kelsea said...

Our tomatoes have done really well lately! I've tried some homemade pasta sauce and would LOVE to make some salsa next! The picture of your daughter is beautiful :)