Monday, August 12, 2013

Miscellany Monday

1.  Two weeks ago I hosted a messy party. It was sooooo much fun.  We had a mud pool, paint water balloons, shaving cream slide, cloud dough table and powered donuts hanging from string.  Everyone was a hot mess. A friend took the above photo of Emily. She sure can make flour and chocolate look good.
2. Our garden is over flowing with tomatoes.  I've been canning tons of salsa over the past two weeks. I love how fresh and colorful it is.  I've made a lot of batches of basic salsa and cucumber salsa.
3. I also made a batch of Kelsea's roasted tomato sauce. Oh so yummy!!

4. For the past four days the girls haven't watched any tv. At first it was punishment for not cleaning their playroom, but has time has gone by I've noticed that they've not really needed it.  They spend a lot of time playing, using their imagination and creating art.  I've found it to be rather peaceful...well until I look at the mess in their playroom.
5. I've updated the shop with new bookmarks. Now they are longer and can accommodate very large hardback books and textbooks.  Just in time for the new school year.  I also added bookmarks with a less feminine look for those male book lovers.
6. In addition to the bookmarks, I've added plush fabric letter and number sets to the shop.  My girls love playing with them.  Emily has been learning her letters, while Olivia is learning some very simple sight words.  It has been cute watching them come up with their own letter games.
7. On repeat: Video Games by Lana Del Rey. I'm slightly obsessed with this song.

lowercase letters

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Sarah Halstead said...

They are getting so big. I love the letters! So cute.